McDaniel Farm Park Project

McDaniel Farm Park Project

May Work Day at McDaniel Farm Park

Gwinnett County Master Gardeners work with Gwinnett Parks & Rec and the Environmental Heritage Center every year to plan, plant and maintain the circa 1930 demonstration gardens, Farm House grounds and the orchards of the homestead at McDaniel Farm Park.

Located next to Gwinnett Place Mall, this 142 acre park is one of Gwinnett’s treasures.  You can visit the park’s extensive walking trails 7 days a week during daylight hours.  The farmstead is open Tuesday through Saturday.

This is also the location of the June MG meeting where we will be holding our annual picnic.  Show up early to visit the gardens before dinner.

2011 Gwinnett County Fair Home Garden Exhibit Info

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  • Entries are to be brought to the fairgrounds on Saturday, September 17th from 8:00 to 10:30 a.m. You do not have to pre-register any of the home garden exhibits. Directions to the fairgrounds can be found at
  • Exhibits must be grown by name on entry or will be disqualified.
  • Pick up will be Monday, September 26th from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. After that time, entries will be disposed of. You can pick up your prize money at this time also.
  • Prize money: 1st – $7.00, 2nd – $5.00, and 3rd – $4.00. Exhibits with no competition will receive 1st place ribbon and 2nd place money. Judging of entries will be 10:30 a.m. on the day of take-in.
  • Exhibits not listed in a class may be displayed and if sufficient amount of entries, a class can be added. In some classes, ribbons may be awarded but no money.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for attaching their name, address, email address, phone number and class number to entries. No special tag is required; however, tags are available for pick-up at the Gwinnett Extension Office or available at “take-in.”
  • Exhibitors may prepare their exhibits by cleaning, washing and polishing or waxing their entries. Produce may be displayed on foam trays, sturdy paper plates, baskets, etc. Exhibitors are responsible for picking up any display materials they wish to keep on pick up day. Materials not picked up will be disposed of.


1. Apples – 3
2. Beans – Lima/Butterbeans – handful
3. Beans – String – handful
4. Beans – Other – handful
5. Berries – Small tray or basket – pint size
6. Corn – White 3
7. Corn – Yellow 3
8. Corn – Best stalks – 3
9. Cucumbers – 2
10. Dried – Lima/ butterbeans – 1 pint
11. Dried – Other – 1 pint
12. Dried – Peas – 1 pint
13. Dried – Seeds – 1 pint
14. Eggplant – 1
15. Figs – 3
16. Gourds – Martin type – 1
17. Gourds – Other – 1
18. Honey – 1 pint with comb
19. Honey – 1 pint NO comb
20. Muscadines – 1 pint container
21. Nuts – Chestnuts – small tray or basket
22. Nuts – Other – small tray or basket
23. Okra – Green – 6
24. Okra – Other – 6
25. Onions (bunch)
26. Peanuts – 1 single plant
27. Pears – 3
28. Peas – handful
29. Pepper – Bell – 3
30. Pepper – Banana – 3 (hot & sweet)
31. Pepper – Hot – 3
32. Pepper – Other – 3
33. Pepper – Potted – 3 on a bush
34. Potatoes – Irish Red – 3
35. Potatoes – Irish White – 3
36. Potatoes – Sweet – 3
37. Pumpkin – Small pie – 1
38. Pumpkin – Orange – 1
39. Pumpkin – Largest – 1
40. Pumpkin – Tan – 1
41. Pumpkin – Ornamentals
42. Squash – Butternut – 3
43. Squash – Yellow – 3
44. Squash – Zucchini – 3
45. Squash – Other – 3
46. Sunflower – Largest
47. Sunflower – Novelty
48. Tomatoes – Novelty
49. Tomatoes – Red – 3
50. Tomatoes – Yellow – 3
51. Watermelon – Icebox
52. Watermelon – Largest
53. Other – Miscellaneous
54. Creative Vegetable Display
Display can consist of a variety of vegetables,
gourds, etc. Not to exceed space of 18 x 18”.
Youth Classes – 15 years and Under
55. Decorated Fruit or vegetable (1)
56. Garden Friend – Scarecrow or garden companion
57. Pictures made with seeds. Let your imagination go wild on a thick piece of mat board, or thin wood, bring in your picture created with garden seeds. No need for framing, just trimmed out nicely. Picture must be completely made of seeds that you plant in the garden. Finished size can be no larger than 8 ½ by 11 inches. This class is for youth 15 years and under only. Rules will be followed or will be disqualified.
Questions: Contact Tim Daly at Gwinnett Extension
678-377-4010 or

Garden Tour feedback

2011 Gwinnett Master Gardener Garden Tour

Susan Varlamoff with Dr. John Pickering

By Susan Varlamoff, garden host

By foot and by car pool, family, neighbors, friends, fellow Master Gardeners, and the general public found their way to my Lilburn garden and that of my neighbor’s for the Gwinnett County Master Gardener’s Garden Tour on May 21. Approximately 100 people, ages 4 years old to 80-something, wound their way around my planet friendly landscape. They paused first to admire the front yard koi pond outfitted with biological filter built 20 years ago by my three sons and my husband. The most frequently asked question – how do you prevent the great blue heron from dining on the fish??  Answer – We can’t. Note the absence of small and medium size fish.

Visitors next circled the front perennial beds that include an herb garden that attracts beneficial insects to keep the pests under control. Then they descended stone steps into the wooded back yard where a pure white marble Vietnamese statue stands under the canopy of trees. From this point, visitors could meander along walkways through beds of native and shade loving plants.

Following the tour, visitors relaxed on the deck overlooking the backyard to sip lemonade and to enjoy homemade pound cake with farm fresh strawberries. When they finished, I pointed them down the street to Jane Trentin’s native plant garden.

The entire experience was gratifying for me. The pre-tour offered an opportunity to visit my fellow Master Gardener’s beautiful and charming gardens they had labored lovingly over. The visitors to my garden were very interesting and included doctors, environmental educators, and specialists in native plants, birds, and insects, and avid gardeners looking for new ideas or a fun outing.  Dr. John Pickering, a UGA entomologist, showcased his Discover Life program which helps identify trees, plants and insects.