McDaniel Farm Projects Winds Down for the Season

Gwinnett County’s McDaniel Farm Project Master Gardener volunteers will be cleaning up the demonstration garden and harvesting the last of this year’s produce during September.  For the 2011 growing season, volunteers have harvested over 600 pounds of produce making this a record setting year for the garden.  All harvested produce is donated to help feed the hungry in the area.

A new crop this year is sweet potatoes which will be ready to harvest in mid-September.  We did a test dig today and found dozens of little potatoes.   Okra is another record setting crop with some plants so tall we can’t reach the tops.  New plantings of cole crops for fall will be in the raised beds close to the road where the plants can continue to grow while the main garden is plowed and planted in a cover crop for the winter.

As the garden winds down, volunteers will be shifting their focus to the Farm House where we will be replacing several plants and getting the walkway and rock wall beds ready for winter. 

The Park is located off  Old Norcross Road between Satellite Blvd and Pleasant Hill Road, near the Gwinnett Mall.  Come on out and take a look at the entire circa 1930′s farmstead.


Master Gardener Apron

Our first new logo item is this wonderful high quality three pocketed bib apron with adjustable neck.  Bright red fabric made by Fame is known for its durability and ease of washing.  The logo is embroidered in black.  You can customize your apron more by adding your name.  You will be easy to  identify as a Gwinnett Master Gardener at any Master Gardener event – it could be an Ask the Master Gardener clinic or helping out at one of our fundraisers, such as the Plant Sale or Garden Tour.

Of course, you can also wear your apron in the garden where it will hold some tools, pens/pencils, tags and plastic ties.

The aprons will sell for $19 with the embroidered logo.  Extra large size available for $4 more.  Your name is an additional $6.

Perhaps one for events and one to work in!  Think about ordering some for friends as well.

Sales begin at our August meeting.  (cash or check please)

Quick Overview

•Two piece neck adjustment slider.
•Three divisional pouch pockets.
• Fabric is 7.5 oz. ultra-durable 65/35 poly-cotton twill.
• Size 24″ Length x 28″ Wide

Chive Blossom Vinegar

Harvesting chive blossoms


White wine vinegar
Chive flowers removed from stalks

Pour vinegar into jars

Wash flowers, spin or shake off excess water and let dry outside for about an hour (on top of the refrigerator will also work if it is cold or rainy outside).  Water on the flowers will cloud the vinegar so take time to make sure they are perfectly dry.

Stuff flowers in a clean canning jar and pour in boiling vinegar to cover.  You may have to use a spoon to push the flowers down as they float to the top.  Secure the lid while the vinegar is still hot.

Place the jar in a dark, cool place, like in a pantry, for at least two weeks.  Strain the flowers out using several layers of muslin cloth.  Be sure to get all the flower pieces out.

Use on salads, as a marinade or anywhere you would use flavored vinegar.

Chive Blossom Vinegar