EHC Field Trip Report

17 Master Gardeners and friends enjoyed a great morning at Gwinnett County’s Environmental Heritage Center on September 14.  This Field Trip had something for everyone.

We participated in a tour of the outside of this fantastic environmentally friendly building with EHC staff member and Master Gardener Karen Alexander. Several of the gardens are the result of GCMG projects of past years such as these raised beds that are used to demonstrate many facets of gardening.

To add a little exercise to the trip, Karen took us on a short tour of some of the hiking trails at the Center.  EHC has over 7 miles of intersecting trails.  Many of the trails are paved.  Some are like the one shown below where we did a little stream crossing to reach a shoals area.

Then it was back to the center for a water break and a tour of the Space Exhibitwhich explains life on the International Space Station.  EHC is a great resource for the children of Gwinnett County who tour this exhibit frequently.   This is just one example of how great our Field Trips are.  Come join us for future trips.

Seed Exchange


This is the time of year to collect seeds to share with your fellow Master Gardeners in our yearly Seed Exchange.

What to do:

  1. Collect seed
  2. Dry seed
  3. Store dried seed in paper envelopes, labeled
  4. e-mail Jane Burke with a list of what seeds you have to share (see Kathy’s weekly e-mails for the address)

Once I know what everyone has to share I will e-mail you the list and you can pick what you want.  You will receive a list of the seeds people want from you and how many packets of each to make up.  You have to offer seed to be able to request seed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How many seeds per packet?  A:  As many as you would like to provide.  If you only have a few and several people want what you have, you could provide as few as 10 seeds per packet.  If you have a whole bunch to share, go ahead and give them a bunch.
  2. What must go on the label?  A:  The common name, botanical name plus variety if possible, flower color, if it is for Sun or Shade and the year the seed was collected.  That is the MINIMUM required.  If you want to provide more information please go ahead.
  3. How many different kinds of seed can I request?  A:  If you only have 3 kinds of seed to share but would like 6 different kinds in return, go ahead and request all 6, or 10 or however many kinds you would like.
  4. How many packets of each type of seed must I make?  A:  You only have to make up individual seed packs once the requests go out.  If you get 3 requests for a certain seed type then you only make up 3 packets of that kind of seed.



Now – Collect and dry seed now.  E-mail Jane Burke with a list of what you have to share (see Kathy’s weekly e-mails for the address).  Provide the MINIMUM information mentioned in point 2. of the FAQ above.  An Excel spreadsheet would be appreciated but is not required.

October 31, 2011 – last chance to participate in the Seed Exchange by submitting a list of what you have to share


November 1, 2011 – the list of what is available will be e-mailed to you.  You can put in your request of what you would like as soon as you are ready.  You have TWO WEEKS to put in your request.  After November 15 requests will not be accepted.

November 21, 2011 – bring seed packets to the November Master Gardener monthly meeting

December 19, 2011 – bring seed packets to the December Master Gardener monthly meeting

January 16, 2012 – pick up your seed at the Master Gardener monthly meeting


February 16, 2012 – Last chance to pick up your seed at the Master Gardener monthly meeting

September 2011 Meeting

GCMG’s September meeting was held Monday, September 19th,  at Gwinnett County’s George Pierce Park Senior Activity Center in Suwanee.  This month’s program showcased speaker Debbie Cosgrove presenting a program on  “A 19th century Physician’s Use of Medicinal Herbs with Emphasis on Native Plants”.  Debbie introduced us to Dr. Durham’s use of medicinal plants.  Dr. Durham was one of the more renowned physicians of Georgia during the 19th century.

Debbie is a graduate of UGA with a BS in Foods and Nutrition and an MS in Horticulture. In 2008 she and Ellen Whitaker co-authored a book containing the 19th century medicinal remedies of Dr. Lindsey Durham who resided near Athens, Ga. Debbie is affiliated with the historical preservation group the Friends of Scull Shoals. She has an interest in native plants and currently volunteers for the Georgia Perimeter College Native Garden in Decatur. She lives in Arnoldsville, Ga.

Debbie also had available copies of her book, “Dr. Durham’s Receipts: A 19th century’s Physician’s Use of Medicinal Herbs” by Debbie C. Cosgrove and Ellen Whitaker.

National Award

Congratulations to Gwinnett Master Gardener Rosalie Tubre, whose Special Ed. Junior Master Gardener project at Peachtree Ridge High School has won the “National Achievement Award” from the National JMG (Jr. Master Gardener) Program.  Rosalie and the Peachtree Ridge teacher working with the project will be traveling to Charleston WV to receive the award on October 14th  at the  International Master Gardener Conference.

Rosalie’s GCMC Project with Peachtree Ridge High School Special Ed. students encompassed two school years for the students to  complete the 8 chapters in the curriculum where it would normally be achieved in one year by regular students.

Rosalie said “ I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to teach these young mentally challenged and/or disabled students.  They learned a lot from me, but I too learned a lot from them”.