GCMGA Scarecrow at Atlanta Botanical Garden Thru October 2012

Come see the 2012 Scarecrow entry that Virginia Schofield, Emily Eberhardt, Ruth Kail and Lesile Barnes designed for this years Scarecrows in the Garden Exhibit at the Atlant Botanical Gardens

Catch the “Scarecrows in the Garden” Exhibit at ABG

October 2012 GCMGA Meeting – “History of Landscape Design”

Connie Cottingham, Director of Public Relations and Communications and Special Events for the Georgia State Botanical Gardens, was the guest speaker for the October meeting.

Connie is a Lifetime Master Gardener, a garden writer, a garden club member and is lucky enough to spend almost every day in a botanical garden. Her writing career started almost 20 years ago and has led to over 600 newspaper garden columns for Morris News Service, the Athens Banner-Herald and Northwest Arkansas Morning News. Connie is also a columnist for Georgia Gardening and Southern Distinction magazines, and has been published in a number of magazines.

Her presentation on the History of Landscape Design provided important  information on the development of historical gardens and their influence on gardens of today.

Atlanta Zoo Field Trip

When Danielle Green of the Atlanta Zoo spoke to our group in the spring of 2012, Margaret immediately worked to accept her invitation to visit and set up a field trip.

In October, we all had a great time and Danielle is a very knowledgeable, sharing tour guide! We learned about appropriate horticulture for the zoo. I had never really considered that there were plants that should not be in a zoo, not only for the animals but also for the visitors to the zoo. The education about different types of bamboo needed for the pandas; overwintering plants; plants appropriate for our zone – we all learned a lot of good information. Absolutely worth the trip!

You could hear the crunch!