March 2020 Meeting

Cris Force, Cobb County Master Gardener, will speak on Building Healthy Soil at our March meeting.  We will learn why healthy soil is the place to begin if you want healthy plants.  Cris understands that recent discoveries reveal that far more than healthy plants are at stake when considering how we treat our soils.  Among those things affected by the heath of our soil are the health of our children and ourselves and even climate change.  This presentation delves into the discovery of how mycorrhizal fungi makes our soil healthy and how the destructive horticultural practices of the 20th century can be reversed.  Come join us on Monday, March 16th at 7 PM at Bethesda Senior Center in Lawrenceville to hear this program.  You’re also welcome to bring a dish and join in our pot-luck dinner which begins at 6:30 PM.