June 2019 Monthly Meeting

Jimmy Gatt, a certified beekeeper and a board member of the Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association, was our June 17th speaker. He recently established a partnership between Trees Atlanta and Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association to plant more summer-blooming trees in Atlanta. He works as a software developer and lives in Marietta.  Jimmy’s topic “Creating a Pollinator Garden” covered trees and plants that gardeners could choose to create a more insect friendly garden. The more plants we select that support insects, the more birds and wildlife we bring to our gardens. Jimmy also touched on home beekeeping and how those who wish to keep bees can create gardens that support this hobby as well.  

Need Seeds?

Two years ago, some of our Master Gardeners came up with a different way to share seeds with our fellow gardeners.  GCMGA members, Jackie Kujawa, Jeff Hicks, Carole Teja and Becky Wolary worked together to add this unique set of shutters to display packets at our local Gwinnett County Extension Office.  Over this period of time, members added to the offerings and helped themselves… we’ve seen the shutters full, and near empty.  This has been fun way to share heirloom seeds or extra seeds that we all seem to end up with.

May 2019 Monthly Meeting

On Monday, May 20, Gwinnett County Master Gardener Association members and friends were intrigued by Sam Landes’ presentation entitled The Fascinating World of Fungi. Attendees learned some startling facts about the fungi family which includes mushrooms, smut, jellies, and yeasts. A large portion of Sam’s presentation focused on mushrooms. He shared that we should be extremely careful about tasting an unidentified mushroom due to lethal varieties. Sam further cautioned his audience to never eat raw edible mushrooms; always cook them to eliminate any potentially hazardous substances. A light sauté will do the trick. The presentation was greatly enhanced by numerous items made from mushrooms, colorful display boards, and a wide variety of books. Sam Landes’ presentation was definitely fascinating and well received.


2019 Annual Plant Sale

THANK YOU!!!!!!! to all who came to our annual plant sale on Saturday, April 27th, at the Lilburn City Hall Parking Lot.  We had wonderful  native plants, perennials and annuals, vegetables and herbs and of course, yard art!  Master Gardeners were on hand to answer any questions.  Special appreciation goes to our co-Chairs Lynda and Susan and to the Garden Shed Chair Linda!  We look forward to seeing you next year!