GCMGA moved to a new location to hold our 2017 Plant Sale on Saturday, April 22 at the Lilburn City Hall/Library Complex.  We had fruit and vegetables, lots of perennials, herbs, native plants, shrubs and annuals.  Many of our members pitched in to answer questions, make recommendations and make this a successful sale.  Thank you for coming — hope to see you next year!

GCMGA 2014 Plant Sale

Our plant sale was held Friday the 25th of April at the Gwinnett Justice and Administrative Center in Lawrenceville.  We had lots of buyers who came to see and buy our native shrubs, perennials, and vegetables.  We had an “Ask a Master Gardener” table to answer all questions and many of our members were on hand to help with buyers selection and tell them how to plant their selections.

Photos from the sale are posted in the Photo Gallery.

Make A Wreath Workshop – November 1, 2013

by Mary Ann Hindes, Master Gardener and Workshop Chair


Gwinnett Master Gardener Jessica Miller offered her design expertise to show 17 Gwinnett Master Gardeners how to create wreaths using both artificial and living materials. Each participant fashioned a 14-inch wreath using artificial pine twigs, a bird’s nest, two brilliantly colored birds, and burlap ribbon. Jessica also demonstrated working with a grapevine wreath form to create a dried flower wreath and a basket wreath. Everyone was fascinated by the oasis table wreath demonstration; floral foam is attached to a plastic tray for long-lasting live centerpieces and the tray/saucer protects your table. We all went home with a charming wreath and many ideas for future projects. I’ll be rooting ivy for my live wreath this afternoon!

wreath-class img_4500 wreath4 wreath2 mary-ann-wreath-class wreath11 wreath1 wreath10 wreath8

This was the final workshop for 2013. In the past year our association has hosted two advanced master gardener trainings: Woody Landscape Plant Identification and Selection and Leadership: Building a Dynamic MGEV Network. Both of these classes helped members meet requirements for advanced master gardener certification. Additionally there have been five workshops ranging from nature photography to building a birdhouse. If you have any ideas for 2014 workshops or would like to volunteer your expertise, please email one of our board members. All of our workshop instructors have been GCMGA members. Thanks to Mary Bachner, Jane Burke, Terri Erwin, Jessica Miller, Don Stewart, Carole Teja, and Aaron Tulin. Workshops offer a path to gaining knowledge and forming friendships. And workshops are fun.

Hypertufa Workshop – September 10, 2013

Hypertufa Birdbath

Gwinnett Master Gardeners are always learning new skills, and thanks to Workshop Host Carole Teja we now know how to master hypertufa.

To follow our earlier birdhouse workshop, it was natural to add a birdbath to the garden for our fine-feathered friends.  After selecting our favorite Colocasia leaves from Carole’s garden, we got busy mixing a formula of Portland concrete, peat moss, vermiculite, and water.  We mixed the concoction in wheelbarrows until it was the perfect consistency.  Then it was time to get down and dirty forming our water feature using the Colocasia leaf as our mold.   We had to determine how deep we wanted the shape to hold water, then we patted it into shape, carved our signature on the bottom to identify it as our own, and covered it with plastic.  What fun that was . . . more fun than making our childhood mud pies!

Since we had to let the form to dry for a few days, we left our treasures in Carole’s garage and anxiously waited to collect our unique garden art.  Now we are ready for the next step . . . making a trough planter using hypertufa!

Please click on the following picture to view as a slide show.