2017 GCMGA Grants

The Gwinnett County Master Gardener Association will provide $5,000 in Grants in 2017 to GCMGA members for projects to support our mission to serve as stewards of the environment and to educate the public about horticultural practices that foster both beautiful gardens and a healthy environment.

The information sheet and application form are available under the Docs and Forms tab.

The deadline for submission is January 15, 2017.

Unusual Plants at Vines Park

Held on Saturday, February 6th, the quarterly Walk-and-Talk was about the many, varied unusual plants in the park.  Led by GCMGA members and Master Gardeners Lori Prosser and Janet Leutzinger, over 40 people attended the event in the cold morning.

The Vines Volunteers are a dedicated group composed of mostly GCMGA members who work at the park every Tuesday and host a quarterly Walk-and-Talk for the county.  Enjoy the pictures.

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Asian Garden Walk at Vines Park

The Vines Volunteers are a dedicated group composed of mostly GCMGA members who work at the park every Tuesday.

On Saturday morning, August 8th, 2015, the group hosted their quarterly event with a public walk through the Asian Gardens led by Jeff Hicks and Dick Kennedy.  Dick talked about the history of Asian gardening and both guys explained the architecture and planning of the garden with it’s many different plants.  Visitors enjoyed the variety of Japanese maples, the pond, rocks and moss and learned about the other plants within this garden in Vines.  Many visitors stayed to stroll through the entire Vines Park.

Visitors were briefed on Vines Park history and the key design components of an Asian Garden

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Hilary Wilson – People to People and Community Gardens

GCMGA member and past president, Hilary Wilson, has been working with the folks at the Gwinnett Coalition for Health and Human Services and the Communications department filming their project; “People to People and Community Gardens”. , supplying fresh produce to those in need in the Gwinnett community through community gardens donations.

She did a very informative interview with Ellen Gerstein on the Gwinnett TV channel about the People to People project and also talked about the MGEV program here in Gwinnett and what all we do as well as mentioning a  few of our ongoing projects.  Here’s the link to the interview:


Nice job Hilary!