2019 Grant Awards

GCMGA is delighted to announce that $6,000 Grants have been awarded to twelve Gwinnett County Master Gardener projects.  We are pleased that seven of these projects are at schools.  They are:

    Archer High School Garden and Garden Club, MGEV Jeff Hicks, Project Leader

    Community Garden @ Snellville Greenhouse, MGEV Wes Nettleton, Project Leader

    Lawrenceville Elementary Pollinator Garden, MGEV Susan Smith, Project Leader, 

    Couch Middle School Garden, MGEV Richard Kennedy, Project Leader

    McDaniel Farm Park, MGEV Joyce Teel, Project Leader

    Minor Elementary School “The Good Earth”, MGEVs Kathy Hartman and Abby Lockhart, Co-Project Leaders

    Pinkneyville Middle School Walled Garden: Solving the Mystery, MGEV Mim Harris, Project Leader

    Trip Elementary School – ‘Revitalizing Trip’s Garden, MGEV James Wilson, Project Leader

    Southeast Gwinnett Cooperative Garden, MGEV Jacquelyn Daniell, Project Leader

    Vines Park – Install and Maintain Plant ID Tags, MGEV Shirley Bohm, Project Leader

    McConnell Middle School Sustainable Edible Learning Garden, Phase 2 Pollinator Gardens, MGEV Kim Fritz, Project Leader

    Georgia Piedmont Land Trust Continues Restoration of a Woodland Garden, MGEV Carol Hassell, Project Leader

Congratulations to these projects and MUCH thanks to the Grant Committee: Martha Whitman, Chair and members Erby Daniel, Becky Wolary, Faith Mann, Virginia Schofield.  Special appreciation goes to Faith Mann for her efforts in contacting MGEVs with school projects and offering assistance.

Terror on the Trail 2018

The brainstorm idea from the regular Gwinnett County Master Gardener Association members who work weekly at the Vines grew into a Halloween adventure.  They planned and executed Odie’s murder story with a walk and talk through the Asian Gardens that had multiple sets of spooky stuff – from the graveyard to Ptomaine Kitchen to skeletons in boats and much, much more.  On October 27th, many GCMGA members with enthusiastic teen volunteers and family members worked with Gwinnett County Parks and Rec folks to provide Terror on the Trail at Vines Park in Loganville.  

To quote Kim Shealy of Parks and Rec: “There are many highlights of the event that need to be shared-like-one tour had the opportunity to see a volunteer go for a swim in the lake, another tour had a volunteer walk off with the grave digger, another one had a lawyer/detective in the group that gathered and pocketed the clues to solve the murder and then was made the murderer, Barbies kept moving from place to place to scare the crowd, blood donor had a member of the crowd offer to donate as they were universal donors, the prisoner in the jail was terrific as he pleaded to get out and one group voted no to let him out, Sheriff would not share her donuts but was caught red handed, Hollis was missing a finger but the crowd kept focusing on the red and black shirt, I think Odie actually at one point was asleep, Chewy almost got to eat a child as a parent volunteered him, Tizzy would not bargain a  child in the crowd for the sickle, Godzilla’s battery died and I searched in the woods for him but he was gone, Madame Margarita went with the flow when I lost my script, she just kept going, the leaf blanket girl got each group every time, members of the crowd start drinking from the cooler and no fish were caught on the bridge, the wedding scene volunteers mixed with the kids and the bloody tent to mosey through the ground and beat on the spiders lair, Chef Tarantula had to do a scene by herself as my flashlight exploded and I couldn’t read my lines, the brain was awesome and gross at the same time, WAY TOO MANY THINGS TO SHARE BUT WHAT A TERRIFIC JOB.”

There’s a repeat planned for 2019….  Enjoy just a few of the pictures from that night. 

October 2018 Field Trip

We had a great time on our field trip to Fern Ridge Farms in Cedar Bluff, Alabama on October 3rd.  Although getting there was a challenge with traffic and road construction, it was worth the trip.  Eleanor and Patsy were informative and gracious and we all went home with additional knowledge on growing and caring for the wide variety of ferns.  Enjoy the pictures Becky Panetta took that day.

2018 Photo Contest

We had wonderful entries from our members this year.   Kudo’s to Ann Langley who coordinated this event for the second year in a row and put together a wonderful PowerPoint Presentation for our program.  We also want thank Eric Bowles for his judging and helping comments and pointers.  Enjoy the pictures.

Best of Show and !st Place Birds - Prosser, Lori

Best of Show and !st Place Birds - Prosser, Lori
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