January 2015 Monthly Meeting

Did you know that Terrarium Gardening has been popular for nearly 200 years?  Our Monday, January 19th meeting featured a wonderful terrarium presentation by Emily Robinson.  In addition to sharing the history of terrarium gardening, she brought us good advice on selecting suitable containers and plant material and gave tips for how best to create and maintain a healthy eco-system in a new terrarium.  Emily also did a hands-on demonstration by building a new terrarium and graciously answered numerous questions from our members.

Enjoy a pictures from our meeting. 

President - Carole Teja

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Carole gave announcements to a full house at her first meeting as President.

November 2014 General Meeting

The November meeting does not have a speaker and is our holiday get-together for members and their guests.  There is no meeting in December for GCMGA.

October 2014 General Meeting

Our October 20, 2014 GCMGA meeting featured Dr. Stephen Garton to our members and guests.  Dr. Garton retired this year as the Extension Office Agent from Forsyth County.

A knowledgable speaker growing lotus for over 20 years, he spoke explained the difference between a lotus and water lilies.  It was an entertaining program and extremely informative, giving us all ideas about having our own water gardens.

September 2014 Meeting

There is no meeting with a speaker in September.  This time is reserved for our members’ annual “Thank You” picnic to recognize the work GCMGA members do on volunteer projects.