August 2016 Meeting

CGMGA’s August 15, 2016 program featured Dario J. Chavez’s presentation on  Budding and Grafting.  Dario is an Assistant Professor in Horticulture at the UGA.   His main area of interest is peach research and extension with focus on orchard management, tree longevity, irrigation practices, root interaction with tree health, production, plant breeding and genetics. His objective is to study the plant production based on the plant’s genetic potential, orchard management practices, growing environment, and their interactions.

July 2016 Meeting

Our 18 July 2016 meeting featured the winning pictures from our annual Photo Contest.  The highly creative members of Gwinnett County Master Gardeners Association use their talents in many ways.  Not only do they have a wonderful eye for designing their gardens but they use the same artistic sense to make beautiful photos.

Becky Panetta did an outstanding job chairing this project and presented us with a beautiful slideshow of the winners.  There were twelve different categories for entries including categories for first time entry and cell phone photos.  A new twist allowed all attending to vote for the Best of Show picture – Lori Prosser’s candid shot of a momma bluebird feeding her baby was first choice!  Winners are listed below; please check out our Photo Gallery category to see all these gorgeous pictures!

Birds 1st – Lori Prosser, 2nd- Wes Nettleton, 3rd – Becky Wolary
First Time Submitter – 1st – Wes Nettleton, 2nd – Conrad Ferrara, 3rd – Winnie White
Garden/Landscapes – 1st – Lori Prosser, 2nd – Barbara Geier, 3rd – Jackie Kujawa, Honorable Mention – Becky Wolary
Harvest – 1st – Wes Nettleton, 2nd – Barbara Geier
Macro/Closeups of Plants – 1st – Barbara Geier, 2nd – Kathy Parent, 3rd – Jackie Kujuwa
Macro/Closeups of Wildlife – 1st – Barbara Geier
Phone/Cellphone Photos – 1st – Barbara Geier, 2nd – Jackie Kujuwa, 3rd – Jessica Miller
Plants – 1st – Lori Prosser, 2nd – Pat Davidson, 3rd – Wes Nettleton
Still Life – 1st – Becky Wolary, 2nd – Kathy Parent
Vacation Garden – 1st  – Lori Prosser, 2nd – Barbara Geier, 3rd – Pat Davidson
Vacation Wildlife – 1st – Conrad Ferrara, 2nd – Barbara Geier
Wildlife – 1st – Wes Nettleton, 2nd – Susan Smith, 3rd – Conrad Ferrara, Honorable Mention – Becky Wolary

June 2016 Meeting

Our June 20, 2016 program featured Becky Griffin’s presentation of Pollinator Possibilities – the Wonder of Pollinator Gardens.  As UGA Extension’s Community and School Garden Coordinator, Becky is passionate about creating community through gardens. She writes a weekly blog at with timely tips for community and school gardeners. Becky also organizes school garden teacher training each summer and serves on several committees related to urban agriculture.  Her current project is the Pollinator Spaces Project where she encourages gardeners to create pollinator habitat.

Her topic was timely and extremely interesting to our members.  Becky graciously answered many questions and offered ideas for our garden to encourage the many Georgia pollinators to visit our gardens.

May 2016 Meeting

Gwinnett County Master Gardener’s May 16, 2016 program featured our own member, Susan M. Varlamoff who has authored ‘Sustainable Gardening for the Southeast‘.  In this informative presentation, she talked about her book which provides gardeners with simple strategies to cultivate their home landscapes with respect for natures cycles. By using sustainable gardening practices, gardeners will help create ecosystems that support a diversity of life necessary to maintain the earth’s equilibrium.

Photos from our meeting

Virginia Schofield - Secretary

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Reading the proposed Constitution Amendments