March 2018 Meeting

Our speaker, Greg Freeman. presented “A Century of Daffodil Hybridizing: Using Advancements in Color, Form and Size to Advantage.”  He explored how gardeners can use daffodils, new and old, to enhance their gardens and landscapes and educated us all on the many, many different daffodils that are historic, classic and new.

Freeman is an author, editor, singer and songwriter.  An avid gardener, he grows a variety of plants, and is a daffodil exhibitor, hybridist, and judge.  A former editor of The Daffodil Journal, he is the publisher of several digital publications, including, which is devoted to the American South and includes a department devoted to gardening in the South. Greg Freeman’s Garden Chronicle, one of his latest ventures, is accessible at .  



February 2018 Meeting

We celebrated Black History Month by welcoming Fulton County Extension Agent, Abra Lee, and Fulton County MGEV Tommy Butler as they presented ‘African-American Gardening.’   The presentation entailed: the history of African American garden design including its arrival to the United States via West Africa; the link between African American gardens and those found in other Afro communities throughout the African Diaspora; key features of African American Garden design and its influence on Southern Garden design; and pictures of African American Gardens. 

The lunch-time presentations brought new understanding about how gardens and garden arrangement in the US particularly have been impacted by African-American culture and heritage — and how this Heritage evolved along with other garden design types.  Abra’s presentation was lovely and informative. 

January 2018 Monthly Meeting

On Monday, January 15th, we started the New Year off right with a soup and salad luncheon and learned about ‘Welcoming Bluebirds to Your Garden.’  Judy Stoops, who is the co-owner of Wild Birds Unlimited in Suwannee,  offered suggestions, tips and ideas on making our gardens bluebird friendly.   She had an extremely interesting program and answered so many questions.  We were glad to have her.


October 2017 Monthly Meeting

As our final speaker for this year, on October 16, we welcomed Dr. Allan Armitage to share his garden wit and wisdom.  All attending enjoyed a wonderful and fun presentation with many stories of personal experiences and how many plants have their common name.  Not only the author of more than 14 books, Dr. A has now written an horticulture app for mobile phones and the iPad called Armitage’s Greatest Garden Plants.  He shared many of the features of the app which is like having a plant encyclopedia at your fingertips.

Emeritus Professor of Horticulture at the University of Georgia, “Dr. A” started the world renowned Trial Gardens at UGA with fellow professor, Dr. Michael Dirr, in 1982.  Together they changed the horticultural world and focused international attention on Georgia.  Dr. Armitage holds degrees from McGill University and University of Guelph in his native Canada and from the University of Michigan. But after coming to UGA in the early 1980s, he found a home in Georgia.  From his home base in Athens, GA, he travels the world speaking, writing, and encouraging people to have fun in the garden.