January 2017 Monthly Meeting

We were delighted to have Chip Utsey, the Director of Inside Sales at Central Garden Distribution at Pennington Seed, as our January speaker for our lunch time meeting.  Chip always presents an entertaining and educational program and he talked about “Attracting Birds to Your Landscape”.  He had several good ideas for us and willingly answered questions from the attendees.

Chip graduated from Auburn University 1995 and holds a Master’s Degree in Wildlife Science.  He previously worked as a Wildlife Biologist for the state of Florida and a private group after graduation.  He then started with Pennington Seed in 2000 and has been there ever since holding several positions.

September 2016 Thank You Picnic

Every September, GCMGA hosts a picnic for their members and guests in recognition for their volunteer service to the community over the past year.  Over 80 of our members attended and had an opportunity to tour McDaniel Farms prior to dinner.  It was a great time to spend relaxing and talking (gardening, of course!) with our fellow gardeners.

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October 2016 Meeting

As our last speaker for the year, we were delighted to have Felder Rushing join us for the October 17, 2016 meeting! Felder kept us thoroughly entertained for a full hour talking “slow gardening”, explaining the difference between gardening and horticulture, gently chastised us about “bad dog” rules.  All who attended will be looking at gardening in a more relaxed way, taking the time to enjoy the fun side of gardening – and looking for the cool stuff in quirky places.

Felder Rushing is a 10th-generation American gardener whose pioneer ancestors settled across the Southeast, bringing many plants with them. Rushing’s overstuffed, quirky cottage garden has been featured in many TV programs and magazines (including a cover of Southern Living), and includes a huge variety of weather-hardy plants along with a collection of folk art.  He is credited with 15 gardening books (including several national award winners) and the former Extension Service urban horticulture specialist has written thousands of gardening columns in syndicated newspapers, and has had hundreds of articles and photographs published in regional and national garden magazines.

Felder Rushing

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October 2016 meeting speaker

August 2016 Meeting

CGMGA’s August 15, 2016 program featured Dario J. Chavez’s presentation on  Budding and Grafting.  Dario is an Assistant Professor in Horticulture at the UGA.   His main area of interest is peach research and extension with focus on orchard management, tree longevity, irrigation practices, root interaction with tree health, production, plant breeding and genetics. His objective is to study the plant production based on the plant’s genetic potential, orchard management practices, growing environment, and their interactions.