August 2014 General Meeting

Our August 21, 2014 meeting hosted Ellen Honeycutt as our featured speaker.  Ellen considers herself to be an average gardener with perhaps an above-average passion about it! She watched her dad putter around the yard growing up but didn’t get bitten by the bug until the mid-1990s and then was introduced to the concept of “native plants” in 2000 and joined the Georgia Native Plant Society. Fostering an appreciation for native plants is now a passion and Ellen loves teaching others how to use native plants in their gardens.

Our knowledgeable speaker gave an excellent presentation of Native Plants of North Georgia and listed them in order of bloom time.   With her permission, the list she provided for handouts is copied here.  Please click on the link below to see the document.

Native Shrubs of North Georgia


July 2014 Monthly Meeting

Tony Gobert was our featured speaker for the July 21, 2014 meeting.  His topic was “The Importance of Buying and Eating Locally Grown Food Products”.  Tony shared quite a bit of information about what Gwinnett Tech is doing in a pioneer program on Urban Agriculture and why it is critical for us to support our local farmers.  The interesting bit (for me) was we are now in the third generation of people who are used to shopping in grocery stores. It will take a change in thinking for the existing generation and we, as Master Gardeners can help.  It was a very informative meeting!

Tony is a Horticultural Program Assistant at Gwinnett Technical College.  He received his Bachelor of Arts degree at Southern University and Agricultural and Mechanical at Baton Rouge, LA and an Associates of Arts, Applied Horticulture and Horticultural Business services degree from Gwinnett Technical College. 

June 2014 General Meeting

Our June 16, 2014 meeting featured Rani Von Württemburg.  Rani is a Consulting Rosarian and came to us from the Greater Gwinnett Rose Society  She joined the Rose Society in 2004 to find out why her five roses were not big and healthy.  Although she has lived in Gwinnett County since 1979, Rani was born and grew up in a tropical county where there is always a current crop of flowers, fruits and vegetables.  She is an avid gardener who grows many of her own herbs and vegetables and presently has about forty-five roses in her garden ranging from miniature to Hybrid Gigantea.  Rani brought a variety of cut roses from her own garden and shared many tips and ideas not only about roses, but natural fertilizer and insect control ideas.


May 2014 General Meeting

The Gwinnett County Master Gardeners Monday, May 19, 2014 meeting featured George Sanko PhD, CEO of the Georgia Perimeter College Botanical Garden who talked to us about the garden and specifically ferns.  We saw lots of great photographs of ferns, learned the different way to differentiate similar looking ferns and he answered the many questions  we had.

Dr. Sanko taught Botany, Biology and Plant identification.  His knowledge and enthusiasm make him a dynamic speaker, teacher and plant educator.  In 1990 Dr Sanko started the Georgia Perimeter Botanical Garden which contains the largest collection of native plants in Georgia.  In 2003 he developed the Ferns of the World garden, which is one of the top collections of ferns in the world.  For this work he was awarded the National Garden Club’s Award of Excellence.