March 2019 Monthly Meeting

Gardening enthusiasts from around the area attended our meeting to meet a living legend, Dr. Michael A. Dirr.  DeKalb, Hall, Forsyth and Rockdale Master Gardeners as well as our own members were thoroughly entertained by his presentation titled “Abelia to Ziziphus…Mining the Alphabet for the Next Great Garden Plant” on March 18th.

Through pictures and dialog, Dr. Dirr walked us through the Dirr Garden in Bogart and shared information on what he considers some of the best plant selections for Georgia gardens.  He brought plants he has propagated and/or grown from seed to share which were given as member door prizes  It was a highly educational and enjoyable evening.

Now retired from UGA, throughout his career, Dr. Dirr has published more then 300 scientific and popular papers and articles. His teaching, lectures, seminars, garden study tours and plant introduction programs have contributed enormously to greater horticultural awareness not only in Georgia, but across the nation. He has received numerous awards and honors, most recently the Liberty Hyde Bailey Medal from the American Horticulture Society.


February 2019 Monthly Meeting

On February 18, Cherokee County Extension Agent Josh Fuder delivered a presentation entitled “Saving Seeds and Seed Libraries”. A seed library is a place where community members can get seeds for free or for a nominal fee. During his presentation, Josh focused on the benefits of saving and sharing seeds that can promote plant life abundance within our communities. His talk focused on vegetable seeds; however, he stated his remarks generally applied to all seeds.

Josh shared that seeds are our history. As an example of how seeds can evolve, Josh stated that the original ear of corn was the size of our thumb. Corn has grown in size due to seed breeding.

What are the advantages of seed sharing? Josh offers these advantages:

  • saves money;
  • promotes experimentation;
  • adapts to location;
  • promotes continued propagation; and
  • encourages personal connections with family, friends and other gardeners

Seed sharing is also just plain fun! Many thanks to Josh Fuder for sharing his knowledge with us. We learned a lot.

January 2019 Monthly Meeting

When it comes to ornamental trees and landscape shrubs, the idea of pruning often seems daunting. To prune or not to prune…and when? That was our topic for our lunch presentation on January 21, 2019. The guest speaker was Rick Smith, known across the Southeast as “The Pruning Guru”.

Rick spoke to a packed room of avid gardeners who listened to some good advice and tips and tricks for pruning.  He spoke to appropriate pruning techniques, different types of equipment that could be used and introduced winter rejuvenation. 

Currently serving as the Chairperson for the Georgia Certified Landscape Professional Advisory Board, Rick is certified in both Georgia and Alabama as a Certified Landscape Professional, and in 2010 served as President of MALTA (Metro Atlanta Landscape & Turf Association). 

October 2018 Monthly Meeting

For our final meeting of the year hosting we welcomed Deb Duchon who spoke about “Forgotten Foods in your Yard“.  Deb explained that many of the plants that are now considered “weeds” are actually tasty and nutritious foods that have been forgotten over time.  She focused in on five edible “weeds” – dandelions, chickweed, acorns, sourgrass (oxalis) and wild garlic/onions.  It was a truly educational program which we all enjoyed.

An MGEV from DeKalb County, Deb is a nutritional anthropologist and ethnobotanist, currently retired, who speaks and lectures nationally and has appeared on Food Network’s “Good Eats”.