May 2015 Monthly Meeting

Our speaker for the May 18, 2015 meeting of the Gwinnett County Master Gardener Association was Vince Dooley.  Vince was the head football coach for the University of Georgia for 25 years.  Vince has many interests; now a Master Gardener, Coach Dooley approaches gardening with the same commitment and energy he once devoted to football.

His topic for the evening was “I Love Gardening” and he shared his gardening background, many pertinent stories as well as some beautiful pictures of his home garden.  What a knowledgeable man!  His talk was enjoyed by all in attendance.

Vince Dooley book signing

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April 2015 Monthly Meeting

Our speaker for the Gwinnett County Master Gardener Association meeting on Monday April 20, 2015 was Bob Westerfield.  Bob specializes in woody ornamentals, vegetables and fruits for the Department of Horticulture, GA Station in Griffin and writes for the magazine Georgia Gardening.

Bob gave us updates on this growing season’s expected problems with the excessive rain we’ve had this month.  He also spoke on the advantages and disadvantages of raised bed gardening and share newly released researched on the advantages of the subject.  He shared an overview on basics of sight selection, soil amendments, varieties of vegetable selection, fertilization and irrigation needs, problem identification and troubleshooting along with problem solving.

Bob Westerfield-April MG meeting (2) Bob Westerfield-April MG meeting (1)


March 2015 Monthly Meeting

The GCMGA Monday March 16th meeting at revealed our 2014 Photo Contest winners and featured our speaker, Hazel Berger, who will judge the contest.  Hazel is a flower photographer from Marietta, Georgia and has shown her work in numerous juried shows and art festivals. She has most recently published a children’s book titled Bloom Bloom Bloom  which illustrates flowers through the seasons designed to teach children and adults about gardening.  Hazel walked us through printing a book of our own as well as explaining how she chose the wonderful flower pictures she chose for her book.

All entry photos and winners of the contest are published  in the photo gallery.  Here are a few meeting pictures taken by our Historian Lori Prosser.

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The hospitality committee organized a wonderful potluck dinner as always and all enjoyed seeing the hints of spring in the table decorations.

February Meeting 2015

Our rescheduled February Meeting with a lunchtime twist was held on Monday, March 9th 12:15 pm. “There is a Native Tree…“, a presentation by Gary Peiffer, a long time DeKalb County Extension Agent, a certified arborist and graduate of Duke University School of Forestry and Master Gardener (class of ’79).  Gary is an expert who understands his trees who stated, “When you landscape your home, the appropriate tree will establish itself probably for more than 100 years and be a significant long term property investment.  What characteristics should you look for in your landscape trees or shrubs?

Quite a few members and visitors joined in.  Gary shared that there are 215 native trees in Georgia and gave great tips on planting the right tree in the right place.