June 2019 Monthly Meeting

Jimmy Gatt, a certified beekeeper and a board member of the Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association, was our June 17th speaker. He recently established a partnership between Trees Atlanta and Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association to plant more summer-blooming trees in Atlanta. He works as a software developer and lives in Marietta.  Jimmy’s topic “Creating a Pollinator Garden” covered trees and plants that gardeners could choose to create a more insect friendly garden. The more plants we select that support insects, the more birds and wildlife we bring to our gardens. Jimmy also touched on home beekeeping and how those who wish to keep bees can create gardens that support this hobby as well.  

May 2019 Monthly Meeting

On Monday, May 20, Gwinnett County Master Gardener Association members and friends were intrigued by Sam Landes’ presentation entitled The Fascinating World of Fungi. Attendees learned some startling facts about the fungi family which includes mushrooms, smut, jellies, and yeasts. A large portion of Sam’s presentation focused on mushrooms. He shared that we should be extremely careful about tasting an unidentified mushroom due to lethal varieties. Sam further cautioned his audience to never eat raw edible mushrooms; always cook them to eliminate any potentially hazardous substances. A light sauté will do the trick. The presentation was greatly enhanced by numerous items made from mushrooms, colorful display boards, and a wide variety of books. Sam Landes’ presentation was definitely fascinating and well received.


April 2019 Monthly Meeting

Why do native plants matter in our gardens and landscapes? In addition to providing shelter and food for birds, butterflies and other wildlife, native plants require far less maintenance, saving time, money, and perhaps the most valuable natural resource, water. On April 15 at 7 pm, Horticulturist and Master Gardener Barbara Dorfman shared information on how to incorporate native plants into our site designs by  presenting “Designing a Garden with Native Plants”

Barbara is an active member of the Georgia Native Plant Society and is passionate about promoting the use of native plants in the home landscape.  In her very informative presentation, Barbara displayed pictures of her own beautiful yard and offered ways to incorporate native plants into our overall design incorporating a few plants or a complete makeover. 

March 2019 Monthly Meeting

Gardening enthusiasts from around the area attended our meeting to meet a living legend, Dr. Michael A. Dirr.  DeKalb, Hall, Forsyth and Rockdale Master Gardeners as well as our own members were thoroughly entertained by his presentation titled “Abelia to Ziziphus…Mining the Alphabet for the Next Great Garden Plant” on March 18th.

Through pictures and dialog, Dr. Dirr walked us through the Dirr Garden in Bogart and shared information on what he considers some of the best plant selections for Georgia gardens.  He brought plants he has propagated and/or grown from seed to share which were given as member door prizes  It was a highly educational and enjoyable evening.

Now retired from UGA, throughout his career, Dr. Dirr has published more then 300 scientific and popular papers and articles. His teaching, lectures, seminars, garden study tours and plant introduction programs have contributed enormously to greater horticultural awareness not only in Georgia, but across the nation. He has received numerous awards and honors, most recently the Liberty Hyde Bailey Medal from the American Horticulture Society.